Flying Scholarships

Flying Scholarships in the ATC

Scholarship Opportunities:

All of the links below provide excellent opportunities to further your fixed wing flying experience, along with any existing flying or gliding experience which you have already gained through the Air Training Corps.

To aid your application, you must read the requirements fully and ensure you meet the age, nationality and educational qualifications needed for each individual scholarship or bursary. These will vary, so do not be disheartened if you do not meet the standard for one alone. Also they will be looking for a keen interest in aviation as a hobby or career. It would greatly help if you are an existing member of a flying or gliding club, you are a staff cadet on an AEF or VGS,  or you have a keen interest in becoming a pilot as a career.

If you are called forward for an interview, ensure that you do your research on your chosen career path. Even if you do not wish to become a pilot, military or civilian, they will be interested in what you may choose to study at university or college. To become a pilot you must be aware of the path you would like to take to get there.

You may ask the squadron staff and peers for guidance on your application, but must make sure any writing is your own work.



Can gain 35 hours of flying experience, with 5 runners up gaining 12 hours. Applications close on the 31st January 2013! If you are interested you must apply as soon as possible. To aid your application for this or further years to come, you should consider specifically helping RAFA, a charity organisation, with fundraising and volunteering.


Can gain funding to support the training for a full Private Pilot’s License (Fixed Wing). Application forms will appear on the website in January 2013.

Air League


Must read the requirements before applying to this scholarship –

Also must be a member of the Air League. There are plenty of added benefits to joining this membership only group. If you are seriously interested in all aspects of the world of aviation, as a student, the cost of joining is only £30-33 a year, with no other commitment necessary. £56-59 for Adults (over 22).

Royal Aero Club Trust


Closing date for applications is 31 March 2013. Can be awarded £1000 to put towards flight simulator experience, or flying experience in many types of aircraft. See link for more details.