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Cpl Calum Willox taking part in the High Jump.

Cpl Calum Willox taking part in the High Jump.

Last weekend saw 1220 (March) Air Cadets take part in the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing annual athletics.

16 Cadets of all ranks attended the Bedford International Athletic stadium to take part in a number of events, including long distance running, short distance, high jump and long jump. The event is held annually, and is open to all cadets regardless of physical ability.

Cadets from the Squadron brought home a number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, including the female cadets being awarded the Davies Shield for “Class A Girls” for best overall at the event. 

The results were:

 Class C Junior MEN 1500m – Cadet Frasier Casson-Rennie – 2nd place (silver)

Class C Junior MEN 100m – Cadet Frasier Casson-Rennie – 2nd place (silver)

Class D Girls Shotput – Cadet Chloe Marden – 3rd place (bronze)

Class D Girls Long Jump – Cadet Hannah Howsam – 2nd place (silver)

Class D Girls High Jump – Cadet Hannah Howsam – 2nd place (silver)

Class D Girls 400m – Cadet Holly Bicknell – 1st place (gold)

Girls Relay – Cadets Howsam, Marden, Bicknell & Parsons – 2nd place (silver)

1220 Air Cadets at the end of the long day.

1220 Air Cadets at the end of the long day.



Seven even air cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron took part in the first RAFA Northern Sector 6-a-side football tournament, being undefeated in all of their games and successfully winning the whole tournament.


Cadet Brandon Casson-Rennie won the award for “Male Golden Boot” scoring a total of eight goals in the tournament. All team members were awarded with gold medals for their win.

Sergeant (ATC) Simon Foster said “We have a very strong number of football players at 1220, and it was a great opportunity to see them all play together and defeat their opponents.”

The tournament, hosted by 511 (Ramsey) Squadron, was held at The Camp, Woodlane, Ramsey and welcomed other participating Squadrons from Northern Sector of Beds and Cambs Wing.

Following the tournament, Cadet Brandon Casson-Rennie also said “To play our first tournament and come away with two awards is a great achievement for our Squadron, and we are all keen to take part again next year, where we would hope to be undefeated.”

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1220 cadets at the Open Netball Tournament

1220 cadets at the Open Netball Tournament

The Girls from 1220 (March) Squadron recently took part in the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Open Netball Tournament at RAF Brampton. The five girls that attended were split up and full teams were made up with other girls from around the Wing.

Corporal Chanel Ogden played both the Centre and Wing Attack positions during the day. After all of the matches had been played the results were worked out and the team Corporal Ogden played with were presented with Bronze medals by Officer Commanding Beds & Cambs Wing, Wing Commander Paul Bower.

While the Netball competition was underway the Senior boys from Beds and Cambs Wing were outside on the Sports pitch taking part in Football Trials to see if they could be selected. Three cadets from 1220 Squadron attended and Corporal Alex MacRae was successful in being chosen to represent the Wing.

Corporal MacRae travelled to RAF Cranwell to play football against the other Wings in the Central and East Region of the Air Training Corps. The Beds & Cambs Wing team were awarded Silver medals and Alex was presented with a Wing Representation certificate.


The swimming team from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets recently took part in the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Swimming Gala.  A team of 15 travelled to Peterborough Regional Pool where the gala was hosted.

The cadets were split into four groups by age and sex and competed against the 30 other squadrons in the Wing.  Events included freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and the dreaded butterfly; the 1220 team was able to enter a cadet into most races.

On the day Cadet Joe Goodman won a Bronze medal in the junior boys breaststroke.

Following the Wing gala the Wing Sports Officer selects cadets from around the Wing to represent Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wing at the Region Swimming competition.  Cadet Flight Sergeant Lauren Arnold was chosen from 1220 Squadron.

The Region competition was held at RAF Cranwell and CFS Arnold competed in the freestyle and individual relays.  She earned a Bronze medal for the freestyle event and was also presented with a Wing representation certificate.