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Air cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron recently competed at the “National Air Cadet Skill at Arms Meeting”. The competition was held over two days, on the ranges at Pirbright in Surrey, and included four different competitions.

1220 Air Cadets with Flight Sergeant (ATC) Brian Goodall

1220 Air Cadets with Flight Sergeant (ATC) Brian Goodall

On day one the practices were a “shoot from the fire trench” from a distance of 300m and “Rifle pairs” competitions. The second of these two involved some skilled teamwork. In pairs the firers advanced to the firing point and then took turns to fire at targets as and when they appeared. 1220 (March) Squadron did well and came third in both competitions.

The final days’ shooting was two competitions that both included run downs. Run downs are when upon sight of a target the firers have to advance to the firing point, load their weapon and engage the target within a limited amount of time. On the first of these two practices the 1220 team showed that they were a little rusty as it has been some time since they had the opportunity to take part. They improved on the second competition and again secured third position.

Overall the team enjoyed taking part and are now looking forward to representing Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing at the Inter-Cadet Service competition in a few weeks’ time.

Following the visit, Cadet Callum Willox (16) said “It was another great opportunity to do something with air cadets that I wouldn’t be able to do as a civilian, and I think we did our best.”


Air cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron recently gained experience on a new weapon type. Making use of the facilities at 2524 (Oakington) Squadron they learned how to use the BSA Scorpion Cadet Air Rifle.

1220 cadets with FS (ATC) Goodall

1220 cadets with FS (ATC) Goodall

Following conversion training the cadets put the lessons into use on the indoor range. Firing from 5.5 metres they started with a grouping practise to zero the weapons to themselves. Both Cadet Warrant Officer Katie Dickson (19) and Sergeant Alex MacRae (18) achieved Squadron Marksman standard with the first rounds fired.

Having zeroed the weapons the cadets went on to fire deliberate shoots where the objective is to score as many points as possible by hitting the centre of the target. All cadets showed an improvement during the day with marksman awards at Region and Wing level being earned.

Flight Sergeant (ATC) Brian Goodall, who was the range conducting officer for the day, commented “It was a very useful day and the weapon rewards good use of marksmanship principles”.


Several cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets recently attended a shoot hosted by Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wing at RAF Honington. During the day they had the opportunity to qualify for a marksman award and practise their marksmanship skills.

1220 cadets firing the L98-A2 rifle

1220 cadets firing the L98-A2 rifle

During the Christmas break six cadets were trained how to use the L98-A2 service rifle that is used by the Air Training Corps. The training takes two days and each cadet must pass a weapons handling test before they may use the weapon on the range.

Those who hadn’t fired the rifle before were given the opportunity to use the dismounted close combat system (DCCT), an electronic range, before moving onto live firing on the outdoor range. Cadet Aretino Charalambos said, “The DCCT helped my aim and gave me an idea of what to expect from the weapon before firing live rounds”

Corporal Kyle McLean enjoyed using the L98-A2 and said that the training was worthwhile. He has been regularly practising his marksman skills on the bolt-action No. 8 rifle. This practise paid off as he was able to transfer his marksmanship learning over and he earned a Wing Marksman award.

1220 is currently recruiting. Our open evening takes place on Wednesday 5th February at 7:30PM at the squadron building and our intake night is on Tuesday 11th February at 7:00PM. For further information, please visit

March Air Cadets Attend National Marksmanship Competition

1220's CISSAM team 2013

1220’s CISSAM team 2013

Cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets recently competed at CISSAM 2013 (Cadet Inter-Services Skill at Arms Meeting). The event takes place over three days at Pirbright Ranges and tests the cadets’ marksmanship skill, physical ability and safety drills. The event is the focal point of the year for the shooting team, which has trained extensively to qualify to be one of only 25 teams representing the Air Cadet Organisation.

March cadets competing in the event were Sergeant Scott Goodall, Corporal Chanel Ogden, Corporal Aleks Deaves and Corporal Joe Williams. The competition finished with the falling plate competition, where teams are pitched in a 100 yard race to the firing point, where they must knock down all the plates accurately and quickly.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Katie Dickson assisted with the team’s logistics and Cpl Matthew Ward worked hard hauling the large target boards up and down. Joe said “It’s so exciting – we won the first round, but unfortunately didn’t make the third round. We’ll do better next year!


A team of five cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets attended the National Inter-Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM), held at Bisley, the UK’s home of shooting. The competition involved firing the 7.62mm Cadet Target Rifle at distances of 300m, 500m and 600m in different competitions against other air cadet and army cadet units from around the country.

1220 coaches and firers at the firing point

1220 coaches and firers at the firing point

This year over one hundred teams participated, including air cadet teams from Canada and Hong Kong. Corporal Joseph Williams said “The competition was amazing, there were teams from all over the country and it was really good to see cadets from overseas. The level of skill from every team was outstanding. The Century range at Bisley is an impressive sight, especially when most of the lanes are in use during the competition.”

In the separate competitions the team stayed in the top 50 making it one of their most successful attendances so far. Flight Sergeant Katie Dickson’s final individual position was in the top 150 cadets that attended. Sergeant Alexander MacRae said “We can’t wait until next year, where we hope to build on our learning from this year and improve our overall performance”.