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Five air cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Training Corps went to RAF Wyton on Saturday morning for a flight in a Grob Tutor, which is the primary trainer of the Royal Air Force.

Cadet Callum Willox in the cockpit of a Grob Tutor aircraft at RAF Wyton

Cadet Callum Willox in the cockpit of a Grob Tutor aircraft at RAF Wyton

The cadets had been looking forward to flying – for some the first time with the Air Cadet Organisation. During an Air Experience Flight (AEF), cadets are encouraged to learn about the controls and instruments of the aircraft, and are invited to take control of the aircraft; sometimes they are able to perform aerobatics themselves.

Each of the five cadets 30 minutes in the air, which is sufficiently long enough for them to navigate to and fly over their own houses in March.

Corporal Joe Goodman said. “Although it was my third time flying, it was just as great as the first time.”


Three cadet corporals from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Training Corps recently had the opportunity to fly in a Lynx helicopter with No 7 Regiment, 671 Squadron, Army Air Corps.

1220 cadets with a Lynx helicopter.

1220 cadets with a Lynx helicopter.

Cpl Joe Goodman, Cpl Alfie Jaggard, and Cpl Kyle McLean were among those lucky enough to have this once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly in a Lynx, and all three thoroughly enjoyed it. Other cadets from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing took part, including some from 115 (Peterborough) Sqn.

The cadets flew from RAF Wittering, and took a 20-minute journey around Rutland Water. They particularly enjoyed flying with the side door open.

Cpl Alfie Jaggard said, “It was such a great experience, something I will never forget.”


Recently an air cadet from 1220 (March) Squadron has returned from Tayside Aviation in Dundee after successfully flying solo.

Katie with her flying wings

Katie with her flying wings

Cadet Flight Sergeant Katie Dickson was selected as a winner of the 12-hour scholarship and travelled to Scotland on 9th December 2013 to learn to fly in a Grob Heron. Regrettably she was unable to complete her training due to bad weather, and therefore missed out on the opportunity to fly the aircraft solo.

However after spending the Christmas holidays revising everything she had been taught, Katie returned to Dundee. After four extra hours of tuition she managed to fly the aircraft herself in a solo circuit of the airfield.

Katie said “It was such a weird feeling to look at the seat beside me and see no-one there. I’ve been waiting a long time for this opportunity, and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon!”

The Air Cadet Pilot Scheme is a prestigious scholarship awarded to cadets selected on their success and commitment to their cadet career and 1220 is proud to have had four winners since 2010.

1220 is currently recruiting. Our open evening takes place on Wednesday 5th February at 7:30PM at the squadron building and our intake night is on Tuesday 11th February at 7:00PM. For further information, please visit


Having been awarded an Air Cadet Pilot Scheme flying scholarship, Flight Sergeant Daniel Lowe spent two weeks in Scotland in the air enabling him to conduct his first solo flight.

Daniel Lowe with a Grob Tutor

Daniel Lowe with a Grob Tutor

Daniel (19) attended the course at Tayside Aviation, a flying school in Dundee. While in Dundee, Daniel stayed in 4-star accommodation, a hotel franchised by the Hilton company.

Over the 2 weeks he learned theory of flying, radio communications, air law, how to handle emergency procedures and how to fly solo.

Daniel, an air cadet with 1220 (March) Squadron, originally travelled to Dundee in April to attend the course, but had to return later in the year due to poor weather. He flew fourteen hours of flying over the scholarship, all counting towards a private pilots license.

Flight Sergeant Lowe said after his solo flight “The feeling after landing and taxiing back to the hanger was amazing, It was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life”.


1220 cadets recently took the opportunity to fly at RAF Henlow recently. Cadet Corporal Williams and cadets Crawley, Milnes and Pankhurst spent a morning learning the controls and more advanced aspects of flying the Vigilant glider.

1220 cadets in front of a Vigilant glider at RAF Henlow.

1220 cadets in front of a Vigilant glider at RAF Henlow.

Cadet Pankhurst was particularly lucky as he got to experience negative G during a 45-minute sortie. He said: “It was fantastic to have such a long time in the air. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I can’t wait to go again.”

Cadets who take part in gliding are eligible to complete a gliding scholarship, which will entitle them to wear gliding wings on their uniform. Cadets who perform well may also have the chance to fly the aircraft solo. The squadron hopes that more cadets will complete the course as places become available.