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First Aid Training at 1220Cadets from 1220 (March) Sqn are ready to come to the rescue should you find yourself in need of first aid. The entire squadron have not only completed the Heartstart emergency first aid course but have recently been trained in the use of the AED or Defibrillator.

Matt Brown from the March Defib’ Charity kindly gave up his evening to take all the cadets through the finer points of using an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

The squadron is rightly proud of its record with 42 cadets and all staff holding as a minimum the British Heart Foundation Heartstart Award. The majority of those cadets and staff have now undertaken training with Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

The training covered how to locate and access the town’s AEDs, of which there are over twenty, as well as hands on use and maintenance of the devices.

Flying Officer Colin Arnold one of the first aid trainers on Squadron said “Although the AED doesn’t necessarily need any training, getting hands-on experience means that cadets will have the confidence should they be called upon for real. March town is particularly well equipped with the devices.”

Many of 1220’s cadets and staff have gone on to gain further first aid qualifications including 25 with St John Youth First aid. Two members of staff and one staff cadet hold the Activity First Aid or First Aid at Work award and are also authorised to teach both Heartstart and Youth First Aid.


Seven Air Cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron were recently presented with their red St John Youth First Aid Award badges. The award was earned by completing the course that was run at the Squadron HQ by Flight Sergeant Lauren Arnold.

Lauren Arnold with 1220 cadets after their assessments

Lauren Arnold with 1220 cadets after their assessments

During regular parade evenings Lauren led training sessions teaching the basics of first aid. Each session covered a different topic including dealing with broken bones and bleeds, when to use the recovery position, CPR (resuscitation) and the action to take when a casualty is in shock.

After twelve weeks of training during parade nights the cadets attended an assessment day at th

e Squadron HQ in Gas Road. Additional staff members were drafted in to help, who conducted the assessments or acted as casualties.

Cadet Kyle McLean (14) used the first aid training for the skill section of his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. He said “I’ve really enjoyed learning a new skill and one that will be really useful. I hope I never actually have to use it, but feel confident that I could deal with a situation if I needed to”.