Recently, Cadet Sergeant Chanel Ogden (17) from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Training Corps attended the Cadet Leadership Course at Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre. Chanel was one of only three cadets from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing to complete the course this year.

Chanel's course photo. Chanel is first from the right at the front.

Chanel’s course photo. Chanel is first from the right at the front.

Throughout the week, Chanel was assessed on various aspects of leadership including physical robustness, confidence and teamwork. These aspects were assessed in activities undertaken throughout the week, such as two log runs followed by an obstacle course, command tasks, orienteering and a two-night fieldcraft based exercise.  All these activities made the week physically and mentally demanding for all cadets on the course.

On the second day of the course, Chanel was appointed the role of Platoon Sergeant. Chanel was required lead other cadets undertaking platoon attacks, an aspect of fieldcraft Chanel had never undertaken before. However, she was commended on her efforts.

Chanel thrilled to find out she passed the course with the overall grade ‘average’ and achieved ‘above average’ in three of the seven assessed aspects.

Chanel said “I was so worried I wouldn’t be physically fit enough to cope with the demands of the course, but I was so happy to find out I was marked ‘above average’ in my physical robustness. The course was so worthwhile, I would love to do it again myself and I would recommend it to any cadet. I now plan to pass on the leadership qualities I learnt at Frimley Park Training Centre to other cadets in my local area.”

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