The Air Cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Training Corps recently spent a weekend on the training area at RAF Barnham in Suffolk.  While there, they took part in basic field craft training.  The instruction and program for the weekend was planned by Civilian Instructor Tim Kightly and Cadet Warrant Officer Alex Ogden.

For most of the cadets it was their first experience of this style of training so it was important to conduct some in the field training.  Practical lessons were given in camouflage and concealment, building a ‘basher’ (a shelter to sleep under), movement in the field and cooking food from a 24 hour ration pack using a hexamine stove.

Once the training was complete the cadets were split into two flights and took part in an overnight exercise.  The exercise included receiving messages via radio communications, making their way undetected to different rendez-vous points and completing various leadership exercises.  In addition to the exercises they had various coded messages to decipher which gave them the locations for pieces of equipment they had to collect.

In the morning the two teams joined forces to complete a final exercise, one team creating a diversion while the others placed an object at a given location without being caught.

Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Burnham said “The training was progressive and the exercises were well thought through enabling the cadets to put into practise the skills they had been taught.  It’s good to have junior staff and senior cadets that have learned from their time as cadets in the Air Training Corps and are able and willing to take on more of an organisational role for the benefit of the newer cadets.”