Several cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets recently attended a shoot hosted by Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wing at RAF Honington. During the day they had the opportunity to qualify for a marksman award and practise their marksmanship skills.

1220 cadets firing the L98-A2 rifle

1220 cadets firing the L98-A2 rifle

During the Christmas break six cadets were trained how to use the L98-A2 service rifle that is used by the Air Training Corps. The training takes two days and each cadet must pass a weapons handling test before they may use the weapon on the range.

Those who hadn’t fired the rifle before were given the opportunity to use the dismounted close combat system (DCCT), an electronic range, before moving onto live firing on the outdoor range. Cadet Aretino Charalambos said, “The DCCT helped my aim and gave me an idea of what to expect from the weapon before firing live rounds”

Corporal Kyle McLean enjoyed using the L98-A2 and said that the training was worthwhile. He has been regularly practising his marksman skills on the bolt-action No. 8 rifle. This practise paid off as he was able to transfer his marksmanship learning over and he earned a Wing Marksman award.

1220 is currently recruiting. Our open evening takes place on Wednesday 5th February at 7:30PM at the squadron building and our intake night is on Tuesday 11th February at 7:00PM. For further information, please visit