March Air Cadets Attend National Marksmanship Competition

1220's CISSAM team 2013

1220’s CISSAM team 2013

Cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets recently competed at CISSAM 2013 (Cadet Inter-Services Skill at Arms Meeting). The event takes place over three days at Pirbright Ranges and tests the cadets’ marksmanship skill, physical ability and safety drills. The event is the focal point of the year for the shooting team, which has trained extensively to qualify to be one of only 25 teams representing the Air Cadet Organisation.

March cadets competing in the event were Sergeant Scott Goodall, Corporal Chanel Ogden, Corporal Aleks Deaves and Corporal Joe Williams. The competition finished with the falling plate competition, where teams are pitched in a 100 yard race to the firing point, where they must knock down all the plates accurately and quickly.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Katie Dickson assisted with the team’s logistics and Cpl Matthew Ward worked hard hauling the large target boards up and down. Joe said “It’s so exciting – we won the first round, but unfortunately didn’t make the third round. We’ll do better next year!