1220 cadets in the forest.

1220 cadets in the forest.

In preparation for Duke of Edinburgh’s award expeditions 1220 (March) Squadron use orienteering as a good way of practising navigation. The air cadets from March recently went to Brandon, near Thetford and used the permanent orienteering course.

The cadets were reminded how to use a compass and were each given an orienteering map. These maps are different from the Ordnance Survey maps the cadets usually use and the cadets were briefed on the different symbols and what they represent.

The briefing finished with a demonstration on how to find a point and what the points look like, some are posts and others are laminated paper symbols stapled to trees. On the back of the map is a description of the location of the point to help them find it when in the right vicinity.

Initially the cadets were then given one or two points to go and find before returning to the start. Upon their return they were able to prove they had found the point by confirming the letter they found at the point.

When they had demonstrated that they were capable of finding the points close by the teams were sent further afield. The cadets were given more points to find and some of the more difficult ones. The teams had varying degrees of success but that didn’t stop the enjoyment of the day.

For Cadet Jacob Troughton, the highlight of the day was finding point three. On a previous occasion this point had eluded him and he was determined for it not to get the better of him this time.