Friday 30th January 2015 saw our annual awards ceremony, as well as our enrolment of all new cadets for 2014. It was also an opportunity for our Commanding Office, Flight Lieutenant K Burnham to review the achievements and activities of the Squadron in 2014.

New Cadets enrolled were:

Cadet Holly Bicknell

Cadet Hope Bissett

Cadet Sandra Jasniewicz

Cadet Stacey Stimson

Cadet Ethan James

Cadet Callum Manze

Cadet Sky Brooks

Cadet Joshua Pickersgill

Cadet Arnus Rakasius

Cadet Chloe Marden

Duke of Edinburgh – Gold awards: 

Cadet Flight Sergeant (CFS) Chanel Ogden

Ex-Cadet Sergeant (SGT) Joe Williams

Ex-Corporal (CPL) Matthew Ward

Squadron Sports Awards

During sports evenings at the Squadron we have two trophies that are competed for. The first of these is the Darts Competition.  This year’s winner is: Cadet (now Corporal) Katie Mowatt

We also have a Table Tennis competition and after seven years the Woods family domination of the trophy has finally come to an end.  This year’s winner is: Cadet Frasier Casson-Rennie

The Squadron Commanders Attendance Cup 

This is presented to the cadet with the highest attendance on parade nights. Attending 96 parade evenings, our winner is: Corporal Joe Goodman

The Martin award for the Highest Examination Results 

Cadet Ewan MacRae

Keane Shield for Best New Recruit

This is presented to the cadet who performed best during their Junior cadet training and passed the first class cadet syllabus with the best scores. Our winner for 2014 is: Cadet Holly Bicknell

Inter-flight shooting competition 

Throughout the year our cadets took part in the squadron competition using the No8 Rifle. Throughout the year we have kept a count of all results, and at the end of each year we mark them and announce them tonight. The winning flight is: A Flight

Best shot from the Inter-flight shooting competition

The best score achieved in the competition was: Sergeant Kyle McLean

Best overall shot 

This is for the cadet who has proved him or herself to be the best overall shot using all five weapons open to a cadet.  This cadet requalified Marksman’s at different levels during the year and holds the Corps Marksman.  An excellent shot our winner is: Cadet Flight Sergeant Alex MacRae

For the next section of trophies the winners aren’t quite so clear cut and take more debate amongst the staff.

The David Turner memorial trophy

Several of our cadets performed well in music this year.  This year’s recipient was brave enough to play the Last Post on live TV and represented the Region at the Corps competition.  The worthy winner is: Corporal Joe Goodman

Most improved shot

Before the start of the year this cadet was still getting to grips with Marksmanship principles.  He worked hard and by the end of the year earned a Wing marksman on two different weapons, one of which he improved to a Region Marksman and then represented the Squadron at CISSAM, our winner is: Sergeant Kyle McLean

The Readshaw Cup awarded to the Sports Cadet of the year  

An all-round good sport, this cadet represented the squadron at many sports, was part of the Squadron’s winning football team, represented Wing at football and helped the Wings boys hockey team earn a gold medal: Corporal Alfie Jaggard

The George Cross Memorial Trophy

Presented to the cadet who has contributed most to the squadrons community work, and has also regularly supported the civilian committee in their endeavours.  This year’s winner is: Cadet Frasier Casson-Rennie

The “Diamond Jubilee Trophy funded by the Mayors Charities Fund is for Adventure Training 

During 2014 this cadet not only participated in Adventure Training activities, he completed the Silver Navigation Award and also helped train cadets during their practise Bronze DofE Exped.  He coped well while taking part in the adventure training elements of the Ascension Island Expedition.  The award goes to: Cadet Flight Sergeant Alex MacRae

The C&G Coaches Award for contribution to the Corps resulting in a personal achievement.

Always a difficult award to decide, this cadet has worked extremely hard in the year – his contribution has helped him achieve some one offs during the year.  From hobnobbing with celebrities and appearing on TV the award goes to: Corporal Joe Goodman

Caldwell Lodge trophy for most improved cadet. 

Having dwindled somewhat, this cadet is now showing a determination to reach her true potential. Our winner this year is: Cadet Katie Mowatt

The Inter Flight competition 

Throughout the year A and B Flight take part in regular competitions and cadets can earn points for their flight from the monthly inspection and by attending activities. Winning the majority of the individual events the winners are: B Flight

Junior Challenge Cup 

This cadet is always smart and has taken part in a broad variety of activities during the year excelling at some and working hard in others. The Best Junior of 2014 is: Cadet Brandon Casson-Rennie

Bower Challenge Trophy for Best cadet of the year.  

This year’s winner has been omnipresent.  He is an excellent cadet who is proving to be a good role model to others.  His achievements this year have been numerous and all done with a smile on his face. The Bower Challenge Trophy is awarded to Corporal Joe Goodman

We would like to thank everyone who came along on the evening to support the Squadron and the Cadets, and we would like to extend our thanks to our Civilian Committee for organising the refreshments and food.