1220 March Air Cadets1220 (March) Squadron Air Cadets led the Remembrance Day parades in both March and Chatteris for the 100th anniversary since World War 1. 33 cadets were on parade, forming the squadron band, banner party and main contingent. The cadets met early on Sunday morning to enjoy their traditional Remembrance Day breakfast together; before forming up and marching down to Sainsbury’s in March to meet the rest of the parade.

The cadets led the parade to St. Peter’s Church, with the squadron band providing a solid beat for the many members of the parade behind to follow. Broad street and High street were both were filled with many onlookers, who lined the pavements to watch the numerous different organisations join together.

Squadron Band Master, ATC Flight Sergeant Brian Goodall, gave the band the challenge to perform some new material for the 100th Anniversary, which was very well received.

ATC FS Goodall said, “We have had a number of new cadets join the Squadron band recently, and for some this was also their first Remembrance Day parade. All of the cadets do well to learn the music we choose, given that most of our Squadron band do not play any musical instruments outside of the Air Cadets.”

The parade then reformed and marched uptown, gathering at the town war memorial for the wreath-laying ceremony. Two cadets, Cadet Flight Seargant Alex Macrae and Corporal Joe Goodman, laid wreaths on behalf of the Squadron and RAF Boy Entrants Association.

The cadets then marched back to the squadron building for lunch, before heading off to Chatteris for a second parade. The band also led the way here, starting in Furrowfields car park and finishing at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Major Norman Larke, Chairman of the Royal British Legion in Chatteris said, “I was heartened a great deal by the amount of people who turned out to march and be involved, Remembrance Day in Chatteris has been greatly enhanced by the 1220 (March) Squadron band and cadets.”

Remembrance Day brought another significant anniversary to the 1220 Squadron, as Officer Commanding Flt Lt Kirsty Burnham celebrated her 10th year in charge at the Squadron. Flt Lt Burnham said, “I will certainly remember the start to my tenth year with the Squadron, and was honoured that 1220 air cadets led the Remembrance Parade again this year, especially being the 100th anniversary of World War 1.”

1220 (March) Squadron will be recruiting again in February. Please visit for further information.