Air cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron recently competed at the “National Air Cadet Skill at Arms Meeting”. The competition was held over two days, on the ranges at Pirbright in Surrey, and included four different competitions.

1220 Air Cadets with Flight Sergeant (ATC) Brian Goodall

1220 Air Cadets with Flight Sergeant (ATC) Brian Goodall

On day one the practices were a “shoot from the fire trench” from a distance of 300m and “Rifle pairs” competitions. The second of these two involved some skilled teamwork. In pairs the firers advanced to the firing point and then took turns to fire at targets as and when they appeared. 1220 (March) Squadron did well and came third in both competitions.

The final days’ shooting was two competitions that both included run downs. Run downs are when upon sight of a target the firers have to advance to the firing point, load their weapon and engage the target within a limited amount of time. On the first of these two practices the 1220 team showed that they were a little rusty as it has been some time since they had the opportunity to take part. They improved on the second competition and again secured third position.

Overall the team enjoyed taking part and are now looking forward to representing Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing at the Inter-Cadet Service competition in a few weeks’ time.

Following the visit, Cadet Callum Willox (16) said “It was another great opportunity to do something with air cadets that I wouldn’t be able to do as a civilian, and I think we did our best.”