Air cadets from 1220 (March) Squadron recently gained experience on a new weapon type. Making use of the facilities at 2524 (Oakington) Squadron they learned how to use the BSA Scorpion Cadet Air Rifle.

1220 cadets with FS (ATC) Goodall

1220 cadets with FS (ATC) Goodall

Following conversion training the cadets put the lessons into use on the indoor range. Firing from 5.5 metres they started with a grouping practise to zero the weapons to themselves. Both Cadet Warrant Officer Katie Dickson (19) and Sergeant Alex MacRae (18) achieved Squadron Marksman standard with the first rounds fired.

Having zeroed the weapons the cadets went on to fire deliberate shoots where the objective is to score as many points as possible by hitting the centre of the target. All cadets showed an improvement during the day with marksman awards at Region and Wing level being earned.

Flight Sergeant (ATC) Brian Goodall, who was the range conducting officer for the day, commented “It was a very useful day and the weapon rewards good use of marksmanship principles”.